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Tiffany Jewels : A Diamond in the Rough

By Posted on 2 m read 877 views

   Jewel. A polished precious stone; gem. Fashioned for personal admiration and adornment.

I knew I was treasure before I found myself. Poems on my palms, secrets in my songs, dreaming all night long, painting perfect pictures of where I belonged. I am art and I wear it unapologetically. I am pain but my passion is expressed poetically. I was young, making murals of my thoughts hypothetically. Lyrically, I was healed still struggled with identity. So I took pictures of myself and played my music on the back. And I kept doing it and doing it until somebody caught the catch. Until somebody wanted to pay me to make them look like me. Until somebody I didn’t know appreciated my originality. Until people I knew finally seen me for me. Especially family because it’s hard accepting an artist with a mindset that’s the largest and a vision of a rebel who turns darkness into harvest. That’s just me. Let me be.
    After years of creating and building a movement from the bottom up, being a single mother as my main motivation, I’ve been blessed to work with incredible, amazing, talented people. From models around the U.S., musicians I grew up listening to, and a few celebrities and reality TV stars. To list several, my partner MUA Nisié Palacio and  I’ve photographed models from America’s Next Top Model, Karina Pasian, Freak A Britt from Little Women LA, Cardi B, Crystal Westbrooks from The Westbrooks, Renaye from Sisterhood of HipHop, Christian Combs and girlfriend Breah Hicks, Cori B, Karla J, and Draya Michelle. With every photoshoot I create, I make it a priority to spice it up with my retro, funky, futuristic fashion style, to keep my work separated from the rest.
    My goal is to become what I already believe I am, a legend. As a little girl, I had dreams of being in Vogue and a head liner at my own shows. I aspire to inspire. I want my art to speak a language that can move people creatively and positively to challenge others to think outside their norm. If we want different we must be different.
Fashionista on the move, I’m fly ,so fly.

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