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Mila J : Crazy, Sexy, Cool

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How was it growing up in the music industry?

Growing up in the music industry taught me at a young age the work ethic that you have to have in order to be successful in this business.


What are projects have you been working on?

Most recently I did a song for the ‘Til Death Do Us Part Soundtrack which is available now on iTunes, I’m finishing up my first album and have a movie role coming up as well

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on to date?

My album that what I’m working on currently….I can’t wait for you guys to hear it

Describe your creative process.

It varies sometimes I’ll get an idea that I want to make a song or a melody will just come to me.  I listen to a lot of different genres of music from country to spa music that inspire me too. Sometimes it just really varies where the idea will come from….


Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My dad.  He’s the person that introduce me to music, he was always supportive of me pursuing my dreams and encouraged my creativity

How did you come about working on a song for the new movie, “til death do us part”?

The filmmakers for the song approached me with the opportunity and I was really touched by the movies message that I gladly accepted.  I think that domestic violence is a important issue that more people should be aware of.

How would you describe your personal style?

Sporty, sexy….tomboy….but overall I’m about being comfortable.

How do you feel LA has influenced you as a musician / artist?

It’s dope because it’s like a melting pot here and you get exposed to so many things that I can incorporate into my music….for example West Coast rap and the hip hop from here has had a big influence on my musical style.


Photographer: Chris Paul Thompson

Producer: Jonnell Chavez

Stylist: Jannelle Hill

Makeup Artist: Desma

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