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Meet the Woman Who Reinvented the Rose

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Hagar Elaziz, is a native of Los Angeles, who left her job of 10 years as a TV producer and love for traveling, to follow her dream of redefining the beloved rose. Hagar has managed to quadruple her business since and has no plans of slowing down. Read more below about how she got started, what makes La Fleur Bouquets roses so unique and Hagar’s future plans for business.


La Fleur flowers are so beautiful and really popular, how did you come up with your brand?


One day, I was attempting to send flowers to a friend and had a hard time finding a nice floral arrangement and unique presentation. I had no luck, so I decided to go to DTLA, get roses, and I put them in a box I found laying around. Everyone loved the presentation!


From here, Hagar began designing and creating these original bouquets for family and friends.

The business grew rapidly, leading to Hagar leaving her job and focusing on La Fleur.


How did you handle your business growing at such a fast pace and having to leave your job?


Sometimes, you put something in the universe and it comes back ten fold. You can’t be afraid of change.

What sets your roses apart from others?


Our roses last up to one year. They are infused with different women’s products and moisturizers which preserve the rose. La Fleur roses are grown in Ecuador, which is the best region for growing the largest, strongest roses because it is a volcanic region.

We also created the Gold Rose trend. We were the first company in the world to create Gold roses which are hand painted. We also offer White Gold and the coveted Rose gold!

Our roses are perfect for any occasion, redefining the meaning of the rose.


Your roses smell so good! Is that a custom scent?


Yes! We create our own scents – we wanted more like a perfume scent, versus the standard smell of a rose.


What is your most memorable event that La Fleur has been a part of?


La Fleur has had the opportunity to be a part of so many special events, that’s a hard one!


I would have to go with a Mother’s Day event whose guest list included many different people from Beyonce to Chrissy Teigan. Each mother received a custom from La Fleur so that means a lot that my product is getting into the hands of people we admire.


Does La Fleur offer other arrangements besides roses?


Not at the moment, however we are working on something very special! You are one of the first to hear this, but we are in the process of formulating our own peonies. Still in the works at the moment.


We do offer hydrangeas, however those are only offered for special events.


Where can we go to order or pick up La Fleur arrangements?


Currently, you can order your roses online at

We are planning to expand and will tentatively be opening our first store front by the end of the year.


Thank you so much Hagar!

Follow them online @lafleurbouquets

Written by Jonnell Chavez

Photography by Chris Paul Thompson

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  • sonny b
    August 7, 2017

    amazing! love the simplicity of a hobby turned into a passionate business! #GirlBoss