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Julissa Bermudez: I’m On My Way ( to 100 Places at Once )

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In a world where things have began shifting from analog to digital in the entertainment industry, Julissa Bermudez is your “quintessential working girl”. You may be familiar with her as she has hosted many of our favorite shows on networks like BET and MTV.

Julissa Bermudez is your “quintessential working girl”. She has effortlessly transitioned into using her digital platform to create a space, where she can share beauty tips, her workout regimen, and fashion advice alongside juggling a gig with Yahoo Celebrity, an online entertainment and celebrity news source. Read along to go through a day in the life of Julissa Bermudez.


A typical day for her starts around 4:45AM, gym at 5:30AM, glam for about an hour, and on the set of Yahoo Celebrity and ready to go around 7:45AM. Although she gets started fairly early, Julissa says her days are casual while working on Yahoo Celebrity and her colleagues are more like family and friends. We talk more about the shift from analog to digital and how much it has changed. We no longer run home to get the latest from the familiar tv networks, now we have it right at our fingertips with powers of social media. Julissa has managed to navigate this space while still continuing to do what she loves in the most organic way.


Moving into the Instagram space as a lover of beauty and fitness and always gathering new information; Julissa recognized that she now had a larger audience and could share this information with her followers and not just her girlfriends.Her Instagram resembles a personal blog. She shares all the right tips and tricks about maintaining healthy skin, fitness, and fashion advice. Whether watching her host Yahoo Celebrity or going through her Instagram feed, you’ll begin to see that Julissa is definitely a lifestyle influencer and this is a title she is embracing effortlessly.

Julissa continues to realize the importance in perception and the responsibility that her influence holds.  “I’m going to continue to be authentic and stay true to me and hopefully that works.” Speaking with her, authenticity is one of the most important keys to her success. She embraces what’s true to her and supports what she loves. This is the message she wants to transcend to women of all ages. “Do what feels right for you.”, a message we all can embrace. She plans to exemplify this message with a beauty series coming in the fall of 2018.

It’s safe to say that although the times have changed, evolution has been key for Julissa and she wants you to know, “Don’t count me out.”


Creative Director + Phot0grapher + Stylist : Tiffany Jewels

MUA: Nisie Palacio

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Written By: Che Nichols

Edited By: Jonnell Chavez

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