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Big Art, Biggers Heart : Meet Artist Jeremy Biggers

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Jeremy Biggers, is a native of Dallas, Tx, and an artist you need to know. Jeremy decided early on, that he would pursue a career as an artist. He is a painter, photographer and award winning director. His work earned him Video of the Year by the Dallas Observer in 2014 and 2016. Read more below about how he got started, his popular lips and being married to another artist.


When did you first know you wanted to be an artist?


It all started in Kindergarten, we were assigned to just do what I felt was a simple drawing. Mine came out amazing compared to all the others kids. Everyone was in awe and I just remembered thinking, “ how come they can’t do something so simple? “, it was easy to me.


Jeremy continued doing art for fun and had dreams of being a basketball player until the 7th grade when his mom asked him, what does he REALLY want to do, outside of basketball.


My mom sat me down as I was getting ready to make the transition from middle school to high school and asked me what I wanted to pursue. I knew it wasn’t going to be basketball so I told her I wanted to be an artist, next thing you know she was researching and got everything together so that I may attend an arts high school in Dallas. To get into Booker T., you had to go through an audition, interview and portfolio review process. Needless to say, I got in and it was an awesome 4 year experience. The art program prepared me for a career in art and was a major stepping stone for me.


What is the first piece you created that you loved?


Well…. I have different pieces for different eras that I love. The very first one I remember was a t-shirt with a cartoon duck. The duck was like 90’s comic book style with exaggerated proportions. I was in summer camp in South Dallas and people were enamoured that I drew this duck. Trying to figure out how I did it and if I traced it. From then on, I always chased the feeling of shocking people with what I am able to create.


I know you have had some successful clothing lines as well. How did Stem & Thorn come about?


I’ve always wanted to make my own clothing. I would draw characters in clothing that I envisioned myself in. My first international clothing line, UNKO ( Unkommon Kolor ) was with friends. We had a lot of success and have since then decided to pursue our own ventures. I created Stem & Thorn so that I could make things I wanted to wear. I don’t want to chase trends. I don’t want to be known for a t-shirt brand. I’m not a fashion dude. I never want to be known for a title I didn’t earn.


As an artist, you are talented in so many different areas, which is your favorite?


If I absolutely had to choose it would be painting but I am passionate about painting, video and photography, they all sort of go hand in hand. I can’t imagine my life without 1 of them.


Painting lips seems to be a staple in your artwork, how did this come about?


It definitely wasn’t planned. I enjoy painting portraits however, not many people are down to purchase a portrait of someone they don’t know. It has to be a celeb or something like that and it wasn’t enjoyable to me. When painting portraits, I always pay close attention to the ears and lips, not sure why but I enjoy it. I decided to just paint solo lips one day and my first two paintings sold the night they were released. A lot of things are just experiments.


I’ve always heard that an artist cannot be with another artist. You’re married to another amazing artist, Sam Lao, how is it? Does it work well with you both being creatives?


It’s an awesome experience. We are both very particular about our visions. We offer suggestions to one another but that’s about it. We recognized early on to be mindful of not trying to overtake each other’s projects. We are respectful of one another’s creative space. We constantly push each other to do better. I can’t speak for others but we actually really like each other and enjoy the other’s company so it makes it easy for us to get along.


What can we expect from you this upcoming year?


Definitely more events and art shows outside of Dallas. I am also currently looking for the perfect art studio, hopefully I can find it in Dallas but if not I am considering moving to a different city. I feel as an artist i’ve outgrown Dallas.


Thank you so much Jeremy!

Follow him online @stemandthorn

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